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"Phone number review" - the project was created to receive negative or positive information about phone number owners, comments and feedback about companies and quality of their service, information exchange, regarding fraud or SPAM. Visitors of the site can get acquainted with the data of our US telephone directory. However, that information is not 100% completely reliable. In any event, it will help to avoid problems with scammers and criminals. If you have useful information about any phone number, or its owner - leave a comment here. Everyday updating of the telephone directory data enables many people to get over the deception, negative consequences of fraudulent actions, and also get information about dishonest owners of specific phone numbers. Whatever information provided by you may helped many people. Website co-workers also searches for information about every request that you have left. The Administration is grateful to you for providing this materials.

Last comments


4127342585 or +14127342585

Penny Wise commented 2020-08-06
Caller hung up after only 4 rings. One website said the number belongs to someone named Christina Duff. But the caller ID said "MEINHARDT, ROBE" [RT?] And I don't know who EITHER of those people are....


7142425371 or +17142425371

Jeri A Hanson commented 2020-08-06
I keep getting calls from a variation of this number from the company, claim they want to help with student loans, I have blocked them repeatedly and asked them to take me off their list and they are harassing me now at all hours of the day and night. Please make them stop!!!


6512728930 or +16512728930

Saly commented 2020-08-06
Calls but won’t leave a message


8453160309 or +18453160309

Mary commented 2020-08-06
Every day 4-5 times I get this call but no message I’m going to report this annoyance


8772387677 or +18772387677

Tyrone commented 2020-08-05
Fraud number claims you owe money to a payday loan company when questioned they hang up


7205973725 or +17205973725

Sue M commented 2020-08-05
Returned call and got heavily accented voice thanking me for reaching the Social Security Administration


8165324103 or +18165324103

Aaron Blackwell commented 2020-08-05
Appears to be in use as a SS scam, and fishing number.


8006696813 or +18006696813

medical commented 2020-08-05
apple support=my arse!


8337360125 or +18337360125

Dan commented 2020-08-05
No message. Called back on landline, goes straight to "recorded" and no message or answer. Will block on cell phone.


2672008508 or +12672008508

Jane Doe commented 2020-08-05
Car warranty robocall scam.